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Lost in the Lights 7e version in UK games shops

by on Aug.26, 2017, under Lost in the Lights, Print

Jeff Moeller’s scary-bad-wrong-fun Las Vegas caper scenario finally makes it to UK games shops the week ending 1 September 2017.

If your FLGS doesn’t stock it, ask them to check Esdevium Games latest release sheet:

Lost in the Lights is the story of missing girls, singing psychopaths, and crazy insane cultists in Sin City. What goes insane in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Lost in the Lights retails for £14.99.

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Delta Green Kickstarter has launched

by on Sep.29, 2015, under Kickstarter

The long awaited KS for Delta Green has started.

And has already funded within a few hours.

You can find it here:

All we can say at Sixtystone Press is:

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Establishing a permanent playtest group – volunteers needed

by on Apr.18, 2015, under Playtesting

Sixtystone Press has got to the stage in its development where it needs a permanent playtest group that it can ask to run through it’s planned releases. Previously playtesting has been successfully done on an ad-hoc basis.

As a member of the group, you will receive development manuscripts and will be expected to run through them and report your group’s experience of the material. All of the group’s members will have sign an perpetual NDA to participate. Your group will have to be using 7th edition CoC rules as that is what Sixtystone is developing for now.

In return the playtest group will see new material early, and the playtest leader will receive a paper copy of the final product. All members of the group will receive PDFs of the material if they wish, and the group’s members will be credited in the final product.

If your group is interested in participating, please send an email to with the subject line: “Sixtystone Playtesting Group”. And we’re take it from there.

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Last 21 hours of Masks Companion Kickstarter

by on Mar.09, 2015, under Kickstarter, Masks of Nyarlatotep, PDF, Print

Sixtystone Press’s first Kickstarter has entered the last 21 hours of funding.

The Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion funded in under three hours, and has now garnered over 700 backers and over £32,000 in funding.

The Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion offers backers the chance to own an enlarged version of the Companion in PDF, softback and hardback formats. The Companion has been enlarged by one set of clue sheets, one scenario, four extra pre-gen characters and eight articles, achieved by stretch goals.

The Kickstarter can be found here:

The project ends Tuesday, 10 March 2015 5:55 PM GMT.

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Worlds of Cthulhu handouts

by on Mar.09, 2015, under Magazines, Worlds of Cthulhu

A long time ago I used to edit Worlds of Cthulhu magazine, published by Pegasus Spiel.

Each issue was accompanied by PDFs of the handouts in the magazine. These have long disappeared from Pegasus Spiel’s website. But thanks to the wonders of the Wayback Machine they are still available.

The handouts for issues #1 to 5 can be found here:


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Last 48 hours…

by on Mar.08, 2015, under Kickstarter, Masks of Nyarlatotep

The Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion Kickstarter has entered the last 48 hours of its campaign.

The KS can be found here:

The KS is the only place you can pick up a PDF or print copy of the Companion. All net profits from the KS go towards the running costs of

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Last 7 days of Masks Companion kickstarter

by on Mar.02, 2015, under Kickstarter, Masks of Nyarlatotep

Just a quick note just to say that the Masks Companion is now in its last week of fund-raising.

We’ve met our funding target and we’ve breached numerous stretch goals that will enlarge the Shanghai and Australian chapters of the Companion.

Remember that this will be your only opportunity to pick up the Masks Companion in printed format. The Masks Companion ends on . Make your pledge now, or set the reminder to alert you when there is only 48 hours left.

The Masks Companion Kickstarter can be found here:

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20% off Sixtystone Press stuff at DriveThru/RPGNow

by on Feb.22, 2015, under Uncategorized

There’s a quick 20% off sale at Sixtystone Press right now. That’s 20% off Investigator Weapons 1 & 2, Cathulhu and Lost in the Lights.

You can find them all here:

Sale ends on 28 Feb 2015.

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Masks Companion funds in under three hours!

by on Feb.09, 2015, under Kickstarter, Masks of Nyarlatotep

The Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion funded in under three hours yesterday.

Stretch goals have been announced, and are as follows:

  • £11,000 – G.Roby’s Chapter Clue Sheets (see this thread for further information). Phil has recently updated these for the Kickstarter. UNLOCKED!
  • £12,500 – An article on the Japanese Rikusentai (equivalent of marines) by Hans-Christian Vortisch for the Shanghai chapter. UNLOCKED!
  • £14,500 – Ben Patey will design the dustcovers of Jackson Elias’s books, the hand-outs for the Cat’s Cradle scenario and a bust of Bast. These will be available as separate add-ons. UNLOCKED!
  • £16,000 – Bret Kramer will complete his Jackson Elias introductory scenario “The Burning Heart”. This may be a separate PDF if the page count is long. Closing in….
  • £17,500 – An article about the USMC Leathernecks posted to China Station in Shanghai written by Hans-Christian Vortisch.
  • £19,000 – The Dark Mistress. Publicly available information and maybe the only photo in existence of this mysterious steam yacht.

You can find the Kickstarter here:

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Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion Kickstarter launches

by on Feb.08, 2015, under Kickstarter, Masks of Nyarlatotep, PDF, POD

Sixtystone Press in association with Innsmouth House Press is proud to announce the launching of the Masks of Nayarlathotep Companion Kickstarter this afternoon.

When released on the website last year, the beta version of the Companion was downloaded over 50,000 times before it was withdrawn from general circulation.

The Kickstarter has been created in order to feed this demand and to raise funds to help with the running costs of, the Internet’s première site for Lovecraft and Call of Cthulhu fans.

The Kickstarter will be the only place to acquire an updated version of the Companion in PDF and/or book formats.

The Kickstarter can be found here:

Please check it and out and pledge if you like it.

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