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Fury of Yig

by on Feb.21, 2011, under Future Publications, Mini Campaign

Do not misunderstand me. Of course you have felt it. You and I, no matter how different, still have that small center at the base of the brainstem, that element of a long-forgotten past that remembers it. We grow frustrated with our lack of food, shelter, or a mate. We seethe against the slights and insults that arise in our interactions with our fellows. We lash out against those who seek our harm.

Still, the capacity to understand anger eludes us. Perhaps those who have fought and hated and died for generations in a common cause might be able to touch on the very edge of it. I doubt it very much.

What can you know of ceaseless, roiling anger, that outlasts the mountains, the rivers, even the aeons themselves? Anger that is white-hot as a forge and as cold as an ice-field? Anger that seethes until the day when it will burst forth upon the world, as a flood might toss a straw?

Make no mistake. This is no band of your fellows seeking to bring back a minor expression of an indifferent cosmos. This is no mere messenger, sent to prate and mock. This is the fury of a god, whose wrath is infinite, and who has toppled mightier civilizations than yours.

Will you stand in his path?

Fury of Yig is a short campaign set in the modern era. Written by the Dan Harms, he of the Encyclopedia Cthulhiana.

Adam Crossingham’s opinion “Fury of Yig will be the best researched, superior written, imaginatively plotted, internally consistent, true to its design aims, modern-day campaign yet published.”

By Dan Harms
Edited by Adam Crossingham
CoverArt and interior illos TBC.
Format: Paperback & PDF
Length: 185+ pages
Status: Post playtest editing.

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Colonial Lovecraft County

by on Feb.21, 2011, under Campaign Setting, Future Publications, Mini Campaign, Source book

Not one book but three seperate volumes!!!!!

This sourcebook covers Colonial Lovecraft Country, with a default date of 1750, but discusses events throughout the 18th century. There are chapters on character creation and history, along with brief Lovecraft Country-styled chapters on Arkham, Boston, Dunwich, Kingsport, Providence and Salem, with normal locations and lots and lots of characters, creatures and situations from history, fiction, games, and Lovecraftiana.

There’s also a selection of sample NPCs, a brief overview of other New England colonies (with selected weird sites), an article on creating colonial adventures, a longish discussion of various Mythos entities and how they might be encountered in the setting, ditto for Mythos books, ditto for witches and witchcraft. Two intro adventures round out the book.

The second volume is tentatively entitled The Devil’s Wedding and Other Tales, and includes 8 separate adventures totalling about 100,000 words. The adventures were intended to flesh out the towns and villages discussed in the sourcebook, and include forays to Kingsport, Arkham, Boston, Dogtown, and other sites. There’s a ninth adventure written for this book that might end up as a web freebie or some such.

Volume 3 is a campaign set in the 1770s. The Curwen Conspiracies puts the investigators on the trail of HPL’s infamous necromancer and his even more nefarious colleagues. The action begins in Salem and moves on to Providence, England, and Prague, with a finale in Transylvania.

“if you liked Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, or The Last of the Mohicans, or Brotherhood of the Wolf, or the historical bits of The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, I think you’re gonna love this stuff.” – Kevin Ross

By Kevin Ross
Edited by Adam Crossingham
CoverArt and interior illos TBC.
Format: Paperback & PDF
Length: vast!!!!!!
Status: Post playtest editing.

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Lost in the Lights

by on Feb.14, 2011, under Future Publications, Unaussprechlichen Kulten

A sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu, by Jeff Moeller.

Lost in the lights is the first of Sixtystone’s series Unaussprechlichen Kulten.

Each volume breathes life into a previously referenced but otherwise obscure cult covering such details as its origin, history, timeline through the ages, trappings, rituals, psychology, the god, the cultists, and any modern incarnations.

The material allows the cult to be set up and used in any era. with material for Classical era, Invictus, Dark Ages, Colonial/Early America, and modern. The modern era part describes the entire current operation and stats out the current head cultist along with his sordid life story.

The remainder of the book is a scenario entitled Invisible Sun, which pits the investigators against the current cult in modern day Las Vegas. It’s deliberately campy; film/literary treatments of Las Vegas such as 3000 Miles to Graceland, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the original Night Stalker pilot movie, and Mars Attacks! all get shoutouts. This is horror with a tone of surreal.

By Jeff Moeller.
Edited by Adam Crossingham & Jeff Moeller.
Cover art and interior illustration by Davod Lee Ingersoll.
Format: Paperback & PDF.
Length: 100+ pages
Status: Post playtest editing.

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Ghouls Eaters of the Dead.

by on Feb.14, 2011, under Future Publications, Source book

This is an entirely new sourcebook dealing exclusively with everyone’s favourite corpse-eating grave-robbing monsters. Written by Sixtystone’s resident Ghoul expert Dan Harms, this sourcebook contains such information as Ghoulish transformations, their diet, psychology and society, religion, magic, humans and ghoul relations as a well as a comprehensive set of handouts and a series of scenarios pitting the investigator against the ghouls or their agents in a number of different eras.

By Dan Harms and others

Edited by Adam Crossingham
Cover art and interior illustration by David Lee Ingersoll
Format: Paperback & PDF
Length: 150+ pages
Status: Post playtest editing.

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